Two things about Auckland

  1. Two things about Auckland

    I was on jury service recently (do it if you get selected, it’s really interesting) and spent the most time in Central Auckland that I’ve spent in many a year. It seems government employees get long lunch breaks, so I had some time to wonder around the city streets. Now, I actually love Auckland – I’m not from here but I’ve spent the last 16 years here and I think I’m finally ready to call my self an Aucklander – but there are certain things that rip my robe and this page features two of them; A large portion of the CBD ‘architecture’ and Auckland drivers.
    Thankfully council passed a resolution a few years ago requiring new apartment buildings etc  to actually include some aesthetic value, as opposed to the approach of the previous 40 odd years where it seems the architects were trying to outdo each other in a bid to ‘design’ the most offensively dull and  featureless concrete rectangles outside the Soviet block! These buildings are so awful they don’t even fall into the category of ‘so ugly it’s beautiful’. The fact that these things have replaced the beautiful old colonial buildings that were already there should be a criminal offense. I loathe these CBD developers for they did in the 80’s….
    Another rant worthy issue in Auckland is the rubbish driving, in particular the apparent lack of ability to park so that others might squeeze their car into the ridiculously small parking spaces provided in most parking buildings – this one shown is in the Civic. This person must have seen how they were positioned,  did they really walk away thinking ‘no that’s fine, I’ve done well there’? I also get really annoyed by the lack of consideration – not letting other drivers in and/or not acknowledging other drivers (me!) when they are let in, but that’s another rant.
    Anyway, nearly everything else about Auckland is pretty bloody great, and we’ll end it there.

  2. Funky Tea

    My wife was recently given this amazing tea as a gift (part of)  by her colleague/boss. I’m not keen on girly herbal tea as a drink but this stuff is pretty cool. It comes in a very styley pack but that’s just the start. The fairly innocuous looking tea ball thing does something amazing once it’s in the hot water – see the pics below. I was so impressed I pulled an opened ‘flower’ apart to see what was going on and it has actually been tucked, folded and sewn together to create that flower, pretty impressive.

    As a designer I know that things like this don’t just happen, someone spent untold hours developing this product until it could be produced in commercially viable numbers and I think they’ve produced something pretty special. Nice job whoever you are!

  3. I Like Panoramas

    I very much enjoy the brilliance of the panorama tool on the iphone camera. How do they do that?! I don’t know – there’s lots I don’t know, like how do mobile phones work, or the internet, or TV or in fact most things…but it’s really clever. Here’s a wee collection of pics taken using this amazing functionality from here and abroad by me….

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