If you’re trying to create a new brand (or refresh and ageing one) you must invest in brand identity design. This involves more than just logo design – the logo is only one element of a complete identity. Everything you use to communicate with your customers should be part of a well thought out, cohesive and distinctive branding message which becomes ingrained through repetition. It’s not rocket science but it does require some investment of thought, time and money, but only a fraction of what you may have heard the large branding agencies charge, because I’m not a large agency, I work with the little guy…or girl… and my aim is to have your business looking ‘the business’.

See examples from previous projects below.

If you would like to work with me on your brand identity project, please download and fill out my branding questionnaire. It may ask a few questions you hadn’t thought about yet so could be useful to you. If you do use my services I’ll need the information it produces.

Here’s an excellent article if you’re confused about the whole branding thing, from Or check out this one featuring branding work from agencies around the world submitted for peer review. Of course the budgets involved are huge compared to the average NZ startup, but you might be pleasantly surprised at what can be achieved for less than $10k. See my Pricing page for info on potential prices.

*Jacob Caas.

  1. Ella Bella’s Pet Boutique

    Brand Promise: Ella Bella’s Pet Boutique (EBPB) will provide 5 star customer service, knowledge and care plus the highest […]

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  2. Ambiance Style

    ‘Ambiance Style’ are wardrobe consultants & personal stylists who believe, quite rightly, that style trumps fashion every time. The […]

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  3. Ayurda

    I have been involved with Ayurda and its founders Dr Ajit and Rippan Sandhu since its inception in 2003. […]

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  4. Bare

    The Bare brand already existed before I was involved, then known as Bare Waxing. They initially just wanted the […]

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  5. Garbo & Rose

    Garbo & Rose is a brand I am particularly passionate about, mostly because my wife will look fabulous in […]

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  6. MMC

    MMC needed an update of their previous identity as the reason behind the abbreviation had changed and was no […]

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  7. Netbyte

    Netbyte’s old logo was somewhat dated and technically flawed by being too thin so they asked me to improve […]

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  8. Northland Society of Arts

    This identity was first created in 2001 when I was working in Whangarei. I was recently asked by the […]

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  9. Out of the Box

    Another re-vamp of an existing logo which was far too busy to be practical. It was more of a […]

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  10. PJ Dick

    PJ Dick is not your average accountant; when I first met him he was very excited about his new […]

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  11. Sentrybay

    SentryBay have grown from a two man band based in Newmarket to a London based company with offices across […]

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  12. Spa Ayurda

    Spa Ayurda is an upmarket day spa based on the principles of the Ayurda brand and exclusively using Ayurda […]

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  13. Vaima Water

    Vaima is a bottled water brand from Rarotonga. Their existing labels were dark and dull and technically flawed. So […]

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